Overview of the problem addressed in the case study

The project addresses the need for a user-friendly web application that assists users in making informed investment choices based on personalized factors such as goals, age, and financial status. The application provides both automated portfolio suggestions and the flexibility to invest in alternative financial instruments.

About the client

The client is a forward-thinking financial services provider specializing in investment solutions. They aim to democratize investment opportunities by offering tailored, technology-driven advice and services to a broad range of investors, from novices to seasoned individuals.


Integration and Customization

Seamlessly integrating new features into the existing platform while ensuring they align with user needs and expectations.

Scalability and Performance

Enhancing the application to handle a growing number of users without compromising on performance or user experience.

User Customization Flexibility

Implementing a system that offers users both automated portfolio suggestions and the ability to freely choose other investment options.


Explanation of Solway’s approach to solving the problem

Solway deployed a skilled team, to evaluate and enhance the application by adding a new massive feature for custom investments outside of the predefined portfolios. Our approach involved a thorough audit of the existing codebase, followed by incremental integrations and testing to ensure robustness and scalability. User experience was prioritized by implementing intuitive interfaces for both automated and manual investment processes.

Technologies & Tools


Outcomes achieved as a result of the implemented solution

  • Delivered a highly responsive and reliable web application optimized for user experience.

  • Ensured the application could scale effectively to accommodate an increasing user base.

  • Enhanced security measures and code quality, reducing potential risks and maintenance costs.

  • Provided users with personalized investment options that align with their individual financial goals and conditions.

  • Achieved client satisfaction with an improved product that aligns with modern investment needs and practices.

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