Overview of the problem addressed in the case study

The client operates a copper ore processing plant, which faced significant challenges in maximizing output and efficiency due to variable ore qualities and operational inconsistencies. The plant required a solution to optimize processing in real-time, reduce costs, and enhance overall productivity.

About the client

The client is a leading global mining company specializing in copper production. With extensive mining operations worldwide, they are committed to adopting innovative technologies to improve their extraction and processing capabilities, aiming for sustainability and operational excellence.


Real-Time Data Integration

Difficulty in effectively integrating and analyzing real-time data from various stages of the ore processing pipeline.

Operational Inefficiency

Issues with operational consistency and efficiency due to varying ore qualities and manual adjustments.

Cost Reduction

Need to minimize energy consumption and operational costs without compromising the output quality.

Sustainability Goals

Pressure to meet environmental standards and reduce the ecological footprint of mining operations.


Explanation of Solway’s approach to solving the problem

Solway collaborated with a specialized team focusing on AI and backend systems to deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to the client’s needs. Our approach involved:

  • Partnering with experts in AI to develop a robust model capable of predicting optimal processing parameters in real-time, leveraging advanced machine learning techniques to adapt to varying ore qualities.
  • Ensuring seamless integration of the AI solutions with the plant’s operations by coordinating with the backend team to manage data flow and system responsiveness.
  • Solway’s specific contribution centered around designing and developing a custom user interface (UI). This UI was tailored to be intuitive and operator-friendly, enabling easy access to real-time data insights and actionable recommendations.
  • The UI featured advanced visualization tools that allowed plant operators to monitor performance metrics and adjust processes efficiently, enhancing decision-making and operational control.
  • Continuous support and updates to the UI ensured it remained aligned with evolving plant needs and technology advancements, maintaining usability and effectiveness.

Technologies & Tools


Outcomes achieved as a result of the implemented solution

  • Achieved up to a 15% increase in plant productivity through optimized operational parameters.

  • Reduced energy consumption by 10%, significantly lowering operational costs.

  • Enhanced consistency in product quality, leading to fewer reworks and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Supported the client’s sustainability objectives by reducing waste and lowering environmental impact.

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