Overview of the problem addressed in the case study

The project addresses the need for a streamlined, accessible method for citizens to apply for green energy subsidies, and for government officials to efficiently manage and process these requests.

About the client

The client is a governmental body dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability through the provision of subsidies for green energy and eco-friendly tools, aiming to increase public adoption of sustainable practices.


Building from Scratch

Developing a completely new application without relying on the existing codebase, requiring extensive planning and execution.

Legacy Software

Repeating the old functionality in the new application with the cutting-edge approach

Feature Integration

Implementing complex backend features such as email services, recurrent notifications, and secure authentication using OAuth2 providers.


Explanation of Solway’s approach to solving the problem

Solway approached the problem by employing agile development methodologies, allowing for iterative testing and feedback to refine the user interface and functionality. The team focused on leveraging modern frameworks and technologies to ensure robust and scalable application architecture. Special attention was given to intuitive UI/UX to compensate for the lack of a designer, utilizing best practices and feedback from initial user tests to guide development.

Technologies & Tools


Outcomes achieved as a result of the implemented solution

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Citizens now have easy access to apply for eco-friendly subsidies through a user-friendly application.

  • Efficient Processing: The backoffice app enables quick and efficient management of subsidy requests, reducing processing times.

  • Secure Data Handling: Integration of OAuth2 provides a secure and reliable authentication system, protecting user data and access.

  • Improved Communication: Automated emails and notification systems ensure timely updates and communication with applicants.

  • Scalable Solution: The application’s architecture supports scaling to accommodate growing user numbers and additional functionalities in the future.

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