Overview of the problem addressed in the case study

This project addressed the need for an intuitive app that allows users to view detailed information on various electronic vehicles and their components, and to compare these vehicles based on individual components. The primary challenge was to effectively manage and navigate a complex data structure stored in an unwieldy single table format, without the support of a dedicated backend.

About the client

The client is a leading automotive research organization dedicated to advancing the adoption of electric vehicles. They aim to provide comprehensive, accessible, and up-to-date information on e-vehicles to consumers and industry stakeholders.


Complex Data Handling

Managing a complex tree data structure within a single massive table, ensuring data integrity and speed.

User-Friendly Interface

Developing a user-friendly frontend that allows non-technical users to easily navigate through complex data.

Performance Optimization

Ensuring the app performs efficiently despite the absence of a traditional backend, handling all operations via frontend technologies and data management practices.


Explanation of Solway’s approach to solving the problem

Solway tackled the project by employing advanced Frontend technologies coupled with innovative data management techniques. We optimized data retrieval and manipulation directly in the Frontend, using modern JavaScript frameworks to handle the complex data interactions required.

Technologies & Tools


Outcomes achieved as a result of the implemented solution

  • Enhanced Data Accessibility: Users can now easily access, compare, and understand detailed information on e-vehicles.

  • Improved User Experience: The app’s interface is intuitive and responsive, making complex data easy to navigate.

  • Performance Efficiency: High performance achieved through frontend optimizations, minimizing the need for backend processing.

  • Scalable Solution: The architecture allows for easy updates and integration of new data and features as the e-vehicle market evolves.

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